Top destinations to visit if you want to live an Indiana Jones adventure!

The best exotic places to have an epic holiday!!

3 years ago the prestigious magazine Empire made the following poll: Who was the greatest ever movie hero of all time? Batman or James Bond were some of answers but one name did came out on top of the others as the ultimate cinematic hero… INDIANA JONES!

Top 10 Indiana Jones-Inspired destinations to an epic holiday: Relive the adventure!

This year we have said goodbye to this iconic saga with the film ‘The Dial of Destiny‘. Harrison Ford did confirm that “This is the final film in the series, and this is the last time I’ll play the character” and it looks like Steven Spielberg agrees with him. What is not so clear is what Disney, and LucasFilm, will do with the character and if he will appear again as part of another universe or in other future films.

Sadly, it looks like a farewell for now… but you can relive the thrilling adventures of Indiana Jones following him around the world with these top 10 exotic destinations! From the French coast to the island of Sri Lanka and the ancient Jordan, let Indiana Jones be your guide and visit the captivating sceneries from his famous movies to have an unforgettable trip!

Travel to cure nostalgia!

In screenbie we firmly believe that there’s no better way to cope wit nostalgia (that will hit us sooner that later) than a good trip to Jordan, Morocco, Sicily, Scotland or Venice… to immerse yourself again in all those good memories we live with Indiana and his celebrated movies! But now it’s you who is living them!

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Date of publication: 20 de October de 2023
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