Fes & surrounding area


MEDINA (Fes): Tuk-tuk chase in Tangier in 'The Dial of Destiny'.

In his last film, Indiana Jones and his goddaughter Helena travel to Morocco. Remember the tuk-tuk chase in the busy streets of Tangier? Well, Tangier was, in fact, Fes, the oldest imperial city in Morocco!

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Fes has the largest medina in the world (a UNESCO World Heritage site) and it is known as “the city of the thousand doors”, the most famous being the Blue Gate (Bab Bou Jeloud).

Its narrow streets and alleys witnessed the chase scene mentioned above, and the crew needed MORE THAN 12 TUK-TUKS to successfully film it. If you’re wondering about the fictional L’Atlantique Hotel, you won’t find its elegant interiors seen on screen in the area. Those scenes were filmed in a soundstage back in London.

Do you want to get lost in Fes and explore the city like Indiana? Here you’ll find a guided tour in the city as well as 1-day and 3-day activities to immerse yourself in the Moroccan desert!