Are you a screenbie too?

Do you spend more time recommending series than talking about what you did over the weekend? Do you know more about some fictional characters than about some members of your family? When you go on a trip, do you convince all your friends to visit that lost village in the Scottish mountains just because it’s the iconic setting of the latest movie you’ve become obsessed with?

If fiction is a fundamental part of your reality,

You’re a screenbie too!

If you are a screenbie at heart, we don't want your relationship with fiction to end with a fade to black!

What if you travel and live to the fullest all those places that have made you dream so much?

We want you to live emotions in the same places where your favorite characters confessed their eternal love, fought the most epic battle or had that conversation that changed everything (and whose dialogues you know by heart).

If we can speed up the process before you embark on your next adventure, we’d love to!

As you may already know, there are so many series and movies to watch and so little time!

Our goal is to save you headaches

And offer you in one place all info about the filming locations, help you choose the best accommodation and search for you or create those activities that will help you enjoy the most of your trip.

Everything you need to spend more time enjoying yourself and less time planning.

Following in the footsteps of your favorite characters has never been easier! Join the screenbie community!

See you out there, exploring otherworldly destinations!

You can live it!