Kairouan & surrounding area


MEDINA (Kairouan): Streets in Cairo in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'.

Did you know that Kairouan is the most ancient city in Tunisia and the fourth Holiest City of Islam (after Mecca, Fes and Jerusalem)?

Yes! And its maze-like streets inside its Medina (old town) where the perfect filming location for the Cairo’s hassle and fight scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark!

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Kairouan doubled as Cairo, the city in Egypt, in the film. And it also had to travel in time! The art department manually removed and hid between 200 and 300 TV antennas to help set the scene in the 30’s.

Nowadays, Kairouan is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and it remains the Maghreb’s principal holy city!

Do you want to walk along the streets of the best conserved historic city in all Tunisia as Indiana himself did (but without all the chasing)? Click here to discover a top tour in Kairouan!

SIDI BOUHLEL CANYON (Tozeur): Tanis city in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'.

Indiana, and the rest of the film crew, traveled 280 km southeast of Kairouan to reproduce another Egyptian city in Tunisia: Tanis. This is the city that in the film had been buried by an ancient sandstorm and rediscovered by Nazis.

The arid landscape of Sidi Bouhlel Canyon, on the outskirts of Tozeur, became the perfect filming location but… Indiana Jones’ cameras were not the first ones to film here! This is the same location where George Lucas shot a couple of Star Wars scenes. Click here to know more!