Kandy & surrounding area


VICTORIA DAM (Kandy): The rope-bridge scene in 'Temple of Doom'.

We all remember that rope-bridge scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Surely it was the most creative way to exit an ambush ever seen!

In the film, the sequence is set in India but Spielberg was not able to film on location because the Indian government found the plot offensive. So the whole crew hop on a plane and travel to Sri Lanka!

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Cameras rolled near Victoria Dam, on a 90-metre rope-bridge exclusively built for the film! It was so high and dangerous that no stuntmen could actually do the free fall safely. So what did they do? They used mechanic dolls that could be activated to move both legs and arms in the air!

The exact filming location point is very hard to reach, but you can admire similar views from the dam viewpoint!

Hold on! Sri Lanka has so much more to offer! Near this spectacular filming spot it is located the city of Kandy, a Unesco world heritage site considered the cultural heart of the country. It’s one of the most sacred places for Buddhists because tradition says there is a tooth of Buddha kept in the Temple of the Tooth! Does Indiana Jones know about this relic?

Would you like to arrive/depart from this city in a different way? Here you’ll find a link to the famous train ride that connects Kandy and the town of Ella! A must-do in Sri Lanka!