Glasgow & surrounding area


RENFIELD ST & SAINT VINCENT ST (Glasgow): Manhattan in 'The Dial of Destiny'.

Remember the wild chase scene at the beginning of The Dial of Destiny when Indy rides a horse through in the streets of Manhattan? Well, this sequence was filmed faaar away from the Big Apple!

The team flew to Glasgow in Scotland and covered Renfield St and Saint Vincent St with tons and tons of American flags to recreate the patriotic parade honouring the Apolo 11 astronauts. The art department needed over 3 weeks to have everything ready!

If you walk down Parnie St when visiting the city, we dare you to look for the building that doubles in the film as Indy’s home!

We cannot offer you a riding tour to have the full Indiana experience, but you can join a guided walking tour in Glasgow to check if the city looks like NY! Click here to know more!

BAMBURGH CASTLE (Bamburgh): Indy gets capture in 'The Dial of Destiny'.

Indiana and his friend Basil Shaw are captured by the Nazis in a fortress not far away from Glasgow. In real life, this is not a fortress but a Norman castle that is well worth visiting on the northeast coast of England! Welcome to the intact and inhabited Bamburgh Castle!

Built in the 5th century looming over the town of Bamburgh, this is one of the most impressive Medieval castles in all the UK for its state of preservation. The castle was filled with German tanks for the film and they used the King’s Hall, a Victorian masterpiece, to set the scene where we see Indiana’s face for the first.

If you’re also a Harry Potter fan and your trip includes a stop in Edinburgh, we suggest you a tour to admire both Potter’s castle and Bamburgh Castle in one day! Click here!