Do you want your activity to be screenbie?

If you have put all your ingenuity, your illusion and you have launched yourself to design an activity or cinema experience and you would like that many visitors enjoy it…

you have a screenbie activity!

You are already doing the hardest part, we help you to give visibility to your initiative.

And also, if you want us to help you enrich the experience or activity you have designed, we give you ideas to make it more attractive and generate more interest and more screenbies come to enjoy it.

We can also help you generate synergies or collaborate with other partners to help you grow.

And if you are thinking about it, we can help you to make up your mind, we can advise you on the real business opportunities and help you in the design and the most appropriate approach for that film activity you would like to start.

If you want to be part of this new way of doing things, just leave us your details and we will contact you.

Thank you very much! Talk to you soon!

What activity and experience have you created?