Palermo & surrounding area


THE TEMPLE OF SEGESTA (Trapani): The entrance to 'Dionysius' Cave' in 'The Dial of Destiny'.

The Dial of Destiny tries to make us believe that the Temple of Segesta is in the Syracuse area when actually it’s located on the other side of the island! Only hour away driving from the city of Palermo.

Dial del destino Sicilia localización

The archaeological Park of Segesta is a must for those who visit Sicily. Did you know that its Doric temple built in 420 B.C is arguably one of Europe’s best preserved ancient monuments?

You’d probably think this temple is huge and impressive, and yet historians think that these ruins were part of an unfinished structure! But the reason why remains a mystery! One that Indiana surely would’ve liked to solve!

Would you like to recreate the Dial of Destiny scene that was filmed here and join a group of tourist by this temple? Click here!

PIAZZA DEL DUOMO (Cefalù): Syracuse in 'The Dial of Destiny'.

Remember when Indiana and his gang visit Syracuse in The Dial of Destiny? Well, those scenes were actually filmed faaar away from that city, on the other side of the island, in Cefalù. Something between a small city and a coastal town, Cefalù is known to be one of the most picturesque destinations on Sicily.

After the boat trip, we see Helena and Teddy sitting on the stairs at the Duomo Square (Piazza del Duomo) and behind them, the stunning Cathedral of Duomo. This is one of the key monuments on the whole island included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

To no one’s surprise, this scene ends with Indiana running through the cobbled streets of Cefalù (or should we say Syracuse) escaping from his enemies. Want an adrenaline rush walking (or running) around Cefalù like Indiana? Click here to discover an amazing tour in Cefalù from Palermo!

Once you visit this beautiful coastal city you’ll understand why films like Cinema Paradiso or TV shows like The White Lotus second season chose Cefalù as the perfect filming location!