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GRAND CANAL (Venice): Motorboat chase in 'The Last Crusade'.

‘The Floating City’ has endless sites to see and visit, but we’re going to tell you the key spots that you cannot miss if you want to know Venice through the ‘Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade’ filming locations.

Indy and his friend Marcus arrive in Venice by boat (of course) and they land at Fondamenta Salute, in the university quarter of Dorsoduro. From this location there’s quite a magnificent view of the famous St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco)! Truly a breathtaking sight!

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Right on this landing stage, Indiana meets Elsa Schneider and the three of them walk down a street called Fondamenta del Squero, passing by one of the most famous bridges of Venice: Bridge of Fists (Ponte dei Pugni). In the past, this bridge didn’t have any railing so clans met up here to fight till someone fell into the water!

In the film, Indiana and his group finally arrived at a library but in real life the building is the church of St. Barnaba (The Chiesa di San Barnaba), a sanctuary built in the 9th century that nowadays functions as a museum. If you step inside this church you won’t see the same interiors shown in the film, they were filmed at a soundstage in the UK.

But there’s something else you can do here to feel closer to ‘The Last Crusade‘… sit on any of the multiple terraces at the church’s square as if you were waiting for Indiana to come up from any sewer!

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Lastly, do you remember the iconic motorboat chase through the canals of Venice? Well it was almost entirely filmed inside a soundstage but it “takes place” in the Grand Canal. Snaking its way through the city, it’s Venice’s high street so it’s impossible you’ll miss it in your visit! 

If exploring Venice like Indiana Jones sounds like a good idea to you, we have the perfect tour around the city following its filming locations here!

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