Catania & surrounding area


MANIACE CASTLE (Syracuse): The siege of Syracuse in 'The Dial of Destiny'.

There’s only one-hour drive from Catania to Syracuse, one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean! This being more than enough reason for Indy to visit this destination in the last film!

Syracuse’s Old Town is listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site since 2005. And the Maniace Castle overlooks its streets and monuments since the 13th century. And Indiana Jones was here in his latest movie!

Nowadays, it’s possible to visit the castle only partially since it’s a military property. But we advise to walk up to his stone walls just for the spectacular views of the city! It’s truly worth it!

THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL PARK OF NEAPOLIS (Syracuse): Dionysius' Cave in 'The Dial of Destiny'.

Another key attraction in Syracuse is the Arquaeological Park of Neapolis, another Unesco Site that Indy and Helena had to stop by in ‘The Dial of Destiny‘. In the film, we see them here looking for The Ear of Dionysius’ (Orecchio di Dionisio), the most famous cave in the city of Syracuse.

But… why is it famous? According to legend, this is where a feared Greek tyrant kept his prisoners to spy on them, due to the perfect acoustics of the cave. Surely Indiana knew about this story because, together with Helena, he used the echoes heard inside this cavern to guide themselves through it.   

There is yet another cave in this archaeological park that was used in the film: ‘Cordari Cave’ (Grotta Dei Cordari) that was used by rope makers in the past for its length and humidity.

Do you want to visit this historic location as Indiana Jones did? Click here!