The best tours for a movie-inspired getaway in Seville!

Star Wars, GOT and The Crown in the Andalusian city.

Do you remember when Padmé Amidala landed with her spaceship in the Spanish city of Seville in the film Attack of the Clones (2002)? The architectural elements of the Reinassance Revival of Plaza de España (“Spain Square”, in English) were turned into the impressive exteriors of the Royal Palace of Theed, the main city in the planet of Naboo (the indoor scenes where shot at the Royal Palace of Caserta, Italy).

The Star Wars Madness: 2 Filming Days and 7.000 extras.

More than 7.000 movie extras signed up to the Star Wars casting in Seville and only 50 of them where lucky enough to become Naboo people and share the scene with Anakin, Padmé and R2D2! The crew was only 2 days in the city filming, but they were more than enough to shut the city down!

Where the Dragons landed in Seville in Game of Thrones?

But not only spaceships landed in Seville, Daenerys dragons have also visited the city in Game of Thrones! The ruins of the Roman city of Itálica near the town of Santiponce became the huge structure of Dragonpit in King’s Landin, the place where House Targaryen guarded these mythological creatures.

Back to the capital city again, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of The Alcázar of Seville doubled as the luxurious Old Palace where the Dorne family seated.

The 5 Star Hotel in Seville where The Crown Hosted a Lavish Party.

And neither the English Royal family was indifferent to Seville’s beauty in The Crown! The historic Hotel Alfonso XIII was chosen as the venue to host a party for Princess Margaret in her trip to the US in the Netflix show. If you can afford a visit to this lavish hotel, won’t be hard to imagine an American jet set party (with tons of champagne and influential people) being celebrated in its inner courtyard!

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