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ROYAL PALACE OF CASERTA (Caserta): Royal Palace of Theed interior scenes.

In the Star Wars universe, the Royal Palace of Theed is the residence of Naboo’s monarchy and a symbol of its economic and cultural power. With this in mind, George Lucas should’ve thought that the best real place to set this iconic location had to be the largest former royal residence in the (real) world. 

Located only 30 kilometres north of Naples, you’ll recognize the lavish interiors of the Royal Palace of Caserta (Reggia di Caserta), from the scene in Episode II: Attack of the Clones where Anakin and Padmé met with Queen Jamilla. 

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The only room that actually appears on the screen (both in Episode II and Episode I) is one of the halls. But you have 1.200 rooms left to explore if you visit the Palace!

The construction of the palace began in 1752 for Charles III of Spain (Charles VII of Naples). He wanted to build in Naples something more spectacular than the Palace of Versailles and the Royal Palace of Madrid. And at least in terms of scale, he did! Since 1997, the Royal Palace of Caserta has the UNESCO World Heritage designation.

The Baroque opulence in the palace architecture has lured several filming crews to this location. In both Angels & Demons and MissionImpossible 3 this royal residence was turned into the Vatican. Click on the ‘Activities’ button to access our selection of tours in the Palace!

Te exteriors of the Royal Palace of Theed were created digitally in The Phantom Menace. However, in its sequel: Attack of the Clones those scenes were filmed in Seville’s Plaza de España.