PLAZA DE ESPAÑA: Royal Palace of Theed.

In the film Attack of the Clones, Padmé Amidala landed with her spaceship in the Spanish city of Seville. The architectural elements of the Reinassance Revival of Plaza de España (“Spain Square”, in English) were turned into the impressive exteriors of the Royal Palace of Theed, the main city in the planet of Naboo (the indoor scenes where shot at the Royal Palace of Caserta, Italy).

This breathtaking plaza was constructed in 1928 for the Ibero-American exposition of the following year. And it had the honour of being the largest building in Seville during the whole 20th century. It is located in the middle of María Luisa Park, only a 17 minute-walk from Seville Cathedral.

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The Stars Wars crew was only 2 days in the city, but they were more than enough to paralyze Seville. Over 7.000 people attended the casting call to be extras but only 50 of them could finally become Naboolians and share a scene or two with Anakin, Padmé and R2-D2.

Seville is a cosmopolitan city, offering a blend of cultures. So if you take a walk in Plaza de España you won’t have any trouble imagining this scenery belongs to a foreign civilization. A galactic and distant one. Click on the ‘Activities’ button to discover a selection of tours and experiences in this filming location!