Seville & surrounding area
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REAL ALCÁZAR OF SEVILLE: The Old Palace in Dorne.

The southern kingdom of Dorne is ruled by House Martell. And the luxurious Old Palace is where this royal family is seated. The Gothic and Mudéjar (Arab) influences inside the complex of the Real Alcázar of Seville (royal palace in Seville, Spain) were the perfect mix to exhibit the exotic culture of the Martell family.

Real Alcázar de Sevilla

In season five there is a particular scene where the beauty of the Real Alcázar can be perfectly seen. It is when Doran Martell argues with Ellaria Martell about Oberyn’s death at the hands of ‘The Mountain’. The view full of palm trees from one of the impressive balconies of the Alcázar is just stunning.

The Alcázar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. since 1987. The doors to the Martell’s Palace are open to visitors if you come to this emblematic Sevillian building. Click on ‘Activities’ to know more about its guided tours.

THE ROMAN CITY OF ITÁLICA (Santiponce): Dragonpit.

Only 7 kilometres away from the Spanish city of Seville, near the town of Santiponce, there are the remains of The Roman city of Itálica. The ruins of this city and of its Roman amphitheatre transport us to a far-off world when Itálica was the first Roman city of Hispania.        

Within the GOT universe, this historic spot also takes us to another world. Specifically to Dragonpit in King’s Landing. A huge structure where the dragons of House Targaryen were safely guarded.

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In the seventh season of the show, Dragonpit was the spot Daenerys chose to call a truce with Cersei and to unite their forces against the White Walkers.

Do you want to see it for yourself? There is more information about how you can visit this scenery full of history and magic in the ‘Activities’ link.

Dragonpit (or Itálica) was also where the last reunion of the show among the remaining families of Westeros was held. In the season finale, the families reunite to decide who will be the new King. 

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In this scene Tyrion delivers the iconic last speech of the series, where he declares that what keep us united are the stories.

It is not armies, or gold or flags what brings us together. “There is nothing in the world more powerful than a good story. Nothing can stop it, no enemy can defeat it.”

BULLRING (Osuna): The Great Pit of Daznak.

Approximately, one hour by car away from the city of Seville, it is located the town of Osuna. Inside its bullring, it was recreated the biggest fighting arena of Meereen, the Great Pit of Daznak.

Here it was filmed the scene of season five when Daenerys had to be rescued by one of her dragons from a battle in this arena. The Great Pit of Daznak is in reality the bullring of Osuna.

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But… why the bullring of Osuna looks so ancient if it was built at the beginning of the 19th century? The answer is because huge stone blocks from the ancient Roman city of the town were used to put together the seats around the arena. This Roman and ancient look fitted perfectly with the barbaric fighting arenas in Essos.    

You too can step on the sand of this cinematic bullring! In the ‘Activities’ section you will find a selection of guided tours for you to enjoy the GOT experience in this town.

Besides, as a result of the success of the show, the tourism in Osuna increased and the town opened two permanent GOT exhibitions named ‘El Salón de Hielo y Fuego’ (The Hall of Ice and Fire) in the Osuna Museum. Inside you will find pictures of the filming set, some replica of the costumes and prop weapons used, autographs from the cast and some selfies that the team of the show took with the locals.

For all of this Game of Thrones content, Osuna is a place which Is well worth a visit, don’t you think?