South Iceland


STAKKHOLTSGJÁ CANYON: White Walkers lands.

In season seven, after a long and hard journey from Eastwatch, Jon Snow and the other members of the Whight Hunt successfully capture an ‘undead’ beyond the Wall.

This unparalleled deed was filmed in Stakkholtsgjá Canyon. A 100 metres deep and 2 kilometres long gorge with a waterfall at the end.

This striking canyon is located within the Thórsmörk (Þórsmörk) Nature Reserve, a place named after Thor, the Norse God. And it is located about 150 kilometres southeast from Reykjavík. You too can visit this impressive canyon where the White Walkers were seen with this tour! Are you up for it?

Thórsmörk is a bit of a remote area to get to and, although the journey cannot be compared to Jon Snow’s extreme expedition, the access road is a bit tricky to travel by. Do not try to drive there with a standard vehicle because there are some streams to cross over.  

Please, keep in mind when visiting that this canyon is only accessible in summer.

REYNISFJARA BEACH (or Black Sand Beach): Eastwatch Port.

Eastwatch is a place highly talked about in the show, but it is not until season seven the we actually get to see it on the screen.

This castle and port located at the far eastern end of the Wall is built near a grey and windy coast. It is as if George R. R. Martin had Reynisfjara Beach already in mind when he wrote this. For there is no better description of this windswept black sand beach.

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Reynisfjara Beach, also known as Black Sand Beach, is located in the south of Iceland near the town of Vík. 180 kilometres away from Reykjavik, approximately two and a half hours by car.

This is the beach where Jon Snow dock his boat to start his journey up North beyond the Wall along the rest of the members of the Whight Hunt. In the following scene they also arrive to Eastwatch fortress and meet the Brotherhood Without Banners. Admire this black beach like Jon Snow did with this trip around the southern region of Iceland!


Mýrdalsjökull Glacier turns into the second season of the show into the grounds of the Fist of the First Men. An ancient fort located in the wilderness beyond the Wall. Here is where Sam finds, digging in the snow, some dragonglass weapons. Dragonglass is the Valyrian name used in Westeros to refer to the volcanic substance known obsidian.

The glacier is located in the north area of the coastal town of Vík and it is very close to a the hiking spot of Höfðabrekkuheið.

Several guided routes to visit the ice caves beneath the glacier depart from the Höfðabrekkuheið parking. Click here to book your next adventure into these icy caves! But if you prefer to explore the surface of this glacier… we recommend you this snowmobile activity! Surely, Jon Snow would’ve appreciated one of those on his trips Beyond the Wall!


Driving down Iceland’s Ring Road (the road which loops the island in a full circle) to the East, you will find the great Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon. One of the most impressive on the island!

Within its huge stone walls (100 metres high) flew, for the first time, Jon Snow the dragon Rhaegal in season eight of the show. Then, he landed along with Daenerys and two other dragons in Skogafoss Waterfall. A spectacular cascade only one hour away by car to the west.

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Sadly, it is impossible to visit the canyon in the same “transport” Jon did. However, you will still have the sensation to be in another world if you walk the routes available at the top of this serpent-shaped canyon.

It is important to bear in mind that, due to the massive affluence of tourists, Fjaðrárgljúfur close from time to time to try to preserve its delicate vegetation and environment.

Game of Thrones hasn’t been the only fictional universe to use Fjaðrárgljúfur as a real location. Thor: The Dark World also filmed some scenes within this landscape.

SVÍNAFELLSJÖKULL GLACIER: Battle against the Army of the Dead.

Svínafellsjökull is the the biggest ice-cap of Europe. Located in South-Iceland, it is near Skaftafell National Park and it is easily seen from the Ring Road, which circles around the whole island. 

Once there… it is up to you! You can admire this breathtaking mass of ice from an observation area or you can, literally, step in and walk along its icy “paths” with one of the guided tours.

This link will take you to a guided tour into the White Walkers lands only suited for the bravest!

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But a truly unique (and life-threatening) experience is what Jon Snow and the rest of his group encounter on this glacier. This is the place where many of the scenes in season seven against the Army of the Dead were shot. A horrifying battle that ended with one of Daenerys’ dragons, Viserion, sinking in its freezing waters.

However, this was not the first time Jon Snow, with the Night’s Watch, stepped onto this glacier. This was also the spot where they captured Ygritte, a woman of the Free Folk, in season two.

This out worldly glacier also featured in the Christopher Nolan film Interstellar as a landscape from another planet.