Tour to the White Walkers lands from ‘GOT’ (from Vík)
Stakkholtsgjá canyon filming location iceland game of thrones

Game of Thrones


This tour is our recommendation to visit Thórsmörk (Þórsmörk) Nature Reserve and the Stakkholtsgjá Canyon from the coastal town of Vík. You will be able to admire this impressive gorge that turned into White Walkers lands during the filming days of Game of Thrones.

This private sightseeing is a jeep tour since there are many river crossings on the way. One of the tour stops is Gígjökull to admire its beauty and see how the eruption in 2010 affected the area. Then, the group will hike to Stakkholtsgjá (canyon) to see a wonder of nature and a filming location! If you are not a hiker we can skip that part and just drive around the area!