Palermo & surrounding area


VILLA TASCA (Palermo): Daphne and Harper's Noto palazzo in the show.

When Harper goes (reluctantly) on a girl’s trip to Noto with Daphne, she didn’t expect to spend the night at a 16th-century villa with the woman she doesn’t quite like.

In reality, this stunning home known as Villa Tasca isn’t located in Noto but in the northern part of the island in the city of Palermo. 

This villa is a truly neoclassical architectural jewel surrounded by a big outdoor garden full of ancient trees. This was the perfect place of retreat for many artists and celebrities like Jacqueline Kennedy, Wagner or Verdi. 

If you felt jealous of Harper and Daphne in episode three, we have good news… you can rent out this palatial state for a minimum of three nights (and quite a bit of money)! Do you imagine for to spend here your holidays?

TEATRO MASSIVO VITTORIO EMANUELE (Palermo): Tanya and Quentin at the opera.

In episode five, Quentin takes Tanya to the opera to see Madame Butterfly (a flamboyant invitation to hint at the tragic ending of her character).

This scene was filmed at the biggest opera house in Italy, the Teatro Massimo Vittorio Emanuele in Palermo, and one of the largest in Europe only after the one in Paris and in Vienna. It opened in 1897 dedicated to King Victor Emanuel II.


The exterior is not shown in the series, but its monumental staircase with 27 steps may be familiar to you… this was the filming location of one of the most famous gunfire in cinema history: the final scene from The Godfather 3 when Michael Corleone suffers a terrible vendetta from his enemies. Make the most of your visit to Palermo joining this tour about the mafia history in the city!

If visiting the opera house leaves you hungry, there is a pizzeria nearby (only 90 metres away) named Dal Pompiere. This is the restaurant Jack and Portia do a runner in the same episode.

Click here to discover a Teatro Massimo Vittorio Emanuele tour where you won’t have any trouble imagining yourself reliving Tanya’s opera night from the series!

CEFALÙ BEACH (Cefalù): Opening scene.

Just one hour away by car from Palermo we find the beach we see on the opening scene of The White Lotus season 2. Yes, the one where Daphne finds a dead body floating in the sea when her holidays are almos over. 

In the show, this beach is part of the White Lotus hotel. However, in reality they are not so close, the resort is 200 kilometres away from this point: the seaside town of Cefalù. 

Playa Cefalú The White Louts sicilia localizacion indina jones

Cefalù is well-known for its beauty both within and outside Sicily. Anchored between the Mediterranean sea and a 300-metre rock, its cobblestone streets are full of myths and legends from the ancient days. A short walk around this charming town will be enough to witness the Greek and Byzantine cultures living in harmony among Medieval buildings and squares!

And this is a sight much more affordable than most of the other filming locations used in the show! Besides, this was one of the spots on the island where Cinema Paradiso, or the final Indiana Jones movie was filmed! By clicking on this link you’ll find our tour recommendation to Cefalù departing from Palermo, so you can easily travel around the Sicilian coast!