Cáceres & surrounding area


OLD TOWN OF CÁCERES: King’s Landing.

This centuries-old city in Extremadura has been chosen again by HBO to be a part of this medieval universe.

In the first episode of the series, Daemon Targaryen is shown walking around Santa María square (plaza de Santa María) as Euron Greyjoy did in Game of Thrones. In the scene Daemon and his army of Gold Cloaks are having “a great time” killing and decimating the population of King’s Landing.

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In episode 9, the church of San Francisco Javier (Iglesia de San Francisco Javier) was (thanks to some digital effects) turned into the perfect hidden spot for Aemond Targaryen who wanted to escape his destiny to become king. Unluckily for him, the Cargyll twins find him and start a fight against Ser Criston Cole outside the building, at a square called known as plaza de San Juan.

This is another spot in the Old Town of Cáceres, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986, that you must visit if you like the show! Do you want to not miss any highlights of the city of Cáceres? Our recommendation is this Cáceres tour!

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Hold on, there is more!

In episode four, when Daemon and Rhaenyra escape together from the palace, uncle and niece encounter a street play that is being held in front of Casa del Sol o de los Solís. This is a 16th century building located only a few metres away from Santa María square.

If you want to keep visiting House of the Dragon locations in the area, you will find more information about the Portuguese village of Monsanto in this link. It is a tiny locality close to the Spanish border (only 140 kilometres away from Cáceres) that was also conquered by dragons.


Trujillo is located only 50 kilometres east of Cáceres city. This town sits at the bottom of a hill upon which it stands an impressive Arab stronghold from the 9th century.

And only a few minutes into episode one of House of the Dragon, the Town Square of Trujillo (Plaza Mayor de Trujillo) makes its appearance turned into a square in King’s Landing. The famous horse statue in the middle of the square representing the Spanish explorer Francisco Pizarro, became a dragon statue in the show. (Same square, different celebrities). This guided tour at sunset will discover you the magic of city that featured as King’s Landing in the show!

It’s noteworthy that Trujillo Castle had already made its appearance in Game of Thrones as Casterly Rock, the ancestral stronghold of House Lannister. We’ve got the perfect House of the Dragon experience to sept into this castle just as Jaime Lannister himself did! This fantastical and medieval universe has conquered Trujillo!