Cáceres & surrounding area


OLD TOWN OF CÁCERES: The streets of King’s Landing.

In season seven of the show, Euron Greyjoy received a hero’s welcome in King’s Landing. Mounted on his horse and hailed by the people, Euron rides through the streets with the prisoners he is going to present to Cersei. One of this prisoners being his own niece Yara Greyjoy.

In reality, these streets are located in the Old Quarter of the city of Cáceres, which was declared a UNESCO Heritage Site in 1986.

Plaza de Santa María (Santa María Square)
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The crowd acclaim Euron and throws rotten food at his hostages while they walk through Plaza de Santa María, the  Cuesta de la Compañía and, lastly, through Arco de la Estrella, also known as Puerta Nueva, which is one of the city’s symbols.

Discover Cáceres with this guided tour! Or should we say… King’s Landing?

LOS BARRUECOS (Malpartida) : The battle in ‘The Spoils of War’

Only 14 kilometres away from the city of Cáceres, we find the natural area of Los Barruecos, near the town of Malpartida. This was the chosen location to film the battle with the highest deployment of technical resources in television’s history thus far.

In the episodes four and five of the seventh season, the Tarly and Lannister armies are ambushed by the Dothraki, led by Daenerys riding one of her three dragons. 

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Everything is turned into flames (in the show), and many of the characters witness for the first time what a dragon in the flesh is capable of doing.

In reality, when visiting Los Barruecos, you will not find a massive dragón flying over your head. However, you will encounter a spectacular landscape declared natural monument in 1996. The entrance in free but if you want to know more about what you can do and can not do in Los Barruecos, there is more information in this link.


Casterly Rock is the ancestral stronghold of House Lannister. A fortress that has never fallen into the hands of an enemy… until the seven season of the show. In episode seven, the castle was besieged by the Unsullied army with the help of the Dothraki.

The battlements from where Jamie and Bronn prepared for battle (or should we say the diversionary tactic) belong to Trujillo Castle, a location 46 kilometres away from the Spanish city of Cáceres.