Spend the night at ‘The White Lotus’ hotel and travel to Sicily with ‘The Godfather’!

9 movie tours in Italy!

Do you love all ‘The Godfather‘ movies and since you watched all the amazing places inThe White Lotus season two Sicily is a destination you have on your travel bucket list? Then pack your suitcase and browse through these 9 movie tours we have selected for you in Italy so you can enjoy the island this fall with your couple or your group of friends!

Discover the Luxury Hotel from ‘The White Lotus’ Season 2 in Sicily: Stories and Hollywood Stars within its Walls.

Did you know that you can stay at the same hotel that the The White Lotus characters stayed in in the second season of the HBO show? Yes you can spend your holidays relaxing at this five-star hotel turned for a couple of months into a filming set!!

We don’t know how many crazy stories have happened behind its walls, or if they are as crazy as the ones we saw on the show this season, but knowing that celebrities like Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor or Sophia Loren were guests at this luxury resort there’s no doubt that the San Domenico Palace staff have plenty of anecdotes to tell!

Explore Sicily following in the Footsteps of ‘The Godfather’ and ‘The White Lotus’: From Catania to Bar Vitelli and Beyond.

In the button below you can book movie tours like the one the Di Grasso family did on The White Lotus visiting every key spot from The Godfather trilogy! With this tour form Catania you’ll explore two Italian medieval town: Forza d’Agro y Savoca, where you’ll find the iconic Bar Vitelli (the location where Michael Corleone met his future stepdad).

On demand and subject to availability, there is the option to include a visit to Castello degli Schiavi, the filming location from The Godfather which makes an appearance on The White Lotus season 2! This tour is both a history and cinephile lesson about the real Mafia on the island!

And Many More Movie Related Plans on the Island!

If you still have time to visit other iconic filming locations from ‘The White Lotus‘ you can visit Palermo (a city that also offers many UNESCO sights to admire), the idyllic Cefalù beach or the Greek theatre of Taormina with the other tours we’ve selected bellow! Click on the button and discover your next movie trip to Sicily!

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