Our guide to a perfect royal holiday with ‘The Crown’.

All the royal destinations in England you cannot miss!

The Netflix show that has received multiple awards (92) and nominations (328) from prestigious film and television spheres like the Golden Globes or the Critics Choice Awards, is about to come back!

And to make the wait shorter, we have a selection of activities and tours in England for you to feel closer to this royal universe exploring the castles, country houses and palaces that we see on The Crown!

The Fake Buckingham Palaces that Queen Victoria Envy in Real Life.

In a TV series about Queen Elizabeth’s life, Buckingham Palace is without a doubt one of the locations most recreated in the show. Filming inside the real palace was out of the question, the scouting team chose Lancaster House, a mansion in central London, to set many of the scenes in the Palace. No great alteration had to be done in order to transform its interiors into a royal residency. In fact, its decoration is so extravagantly luxurious that it is said that Queen Victoria herself once said to the owner in the 19th century: “I have come from my House to your Palace.”

Another building that doubled as Buckingham Palace in the show was Goldsmiths’ Hall. In this historical building also in central London they filmed the iconic scene when Princess Diana roller-skating though the Palace listening to music. As well as the scene with Diana getting ready for her wedding day.

Visit the Filming Locations of one of the Most Expensive Shows of All Time.

This Netflix original production takes us into castles, royal residences and government buildings. Places we normally only know by their facade. Praised by the critics and the public, The Crown is one of the most expensive TV series of all time. With a $13 million budget per episode, the filming not only takes place in England but also in Wales, Scotland and Spain!

In the button bellow you’ll find our top recommendations for you to visit the stunning filming locations from The Crown in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester! Your royal trip to England awaits you!

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