The mysterious settings of Wednesday Addams in Romania

Discover the filming locations of this Netflix series filmed in Romania.

Discover the locations of this series filmed in Romania

Haunted castles, eerie mansions, gothic halls and palaces, gruesome legends lost in the mists of time. Welcome to Romania, the setting of the successful Netflix series Wednesday Addams. If you’re a fan of this iconic and macabre character, this is your movie destination. Experience a cinematic adventure by visiting the locations of this breakout series that premiered on Netflix in November 2022.

Welcome to Nevermore Academy and all the locations of Wednesday

Although the eldest daughter of the Addams family showed zero enthusiasm for the idea of entering this boarding school, you will surely be eager to live this cinematic adventure. Romania is one of the most intriguing destinations in the old continent. Its essence resembles the dark personality of our protagonist.

In addition to its fascinating landscapes and rich history, its capital, Bucharest, embodies a masterful alloy of contrasts and surprises. Known as the ‘little Paris’ for its elegance and French architecture, it brings together history, culture, modernity, a lively nightlife, and outstanding cuisine that fuses flavors from all the cultures that have left their mark here.

Wednesday’s Settings in Bucharest

Join this tour in Bucharest and delve into the universe of the Addams Family by visiting the locations of the Netflix series Wednesday and other major productions.

We land in Bucharest, one of the most vibrant capitals of Eastern Europe, to immerse ourselves in the gloomy atmosphere of your favorite series, Wednesday Addams. We begin this eerie adventure by visiting the filming locations of the Romanian capital.

Do you want to discover the most popular corners of Nevermore Academy? Although the famous school from the series is located two hours away from Bucharest and is known in real life as Cantacuzino Castle, many of the interiors were filmed in places like Monteoru House or Nicolescu House.

Monteoru House (Palatul Monteoru): Headmistress’s Office at the Academy

Kick off this cinematic experience by visiting this historic monument located on Victory Avenue, one of Bucharest’s main thoroughfares. Just a forty-minute walk from the Parliament, this stately palace was the chosen location to recreate various rooms of the Academy, as well as the office of Headmistress Larissa Weems. This 1874 building witnessed the era of splendor and opulence that Bucharest experienced before World War II.

By the way, don’t try to search for the grandiose jellyfish-shaped fireplace, as it’s part of the props added later by the art department. But you’ll surely be amazed when you discover the oval hall with the staircase where Wednesday descends to the ball with Tyler.

If you’re eager to continue exploring the settings traversed by the unsettling daughter of the Addams family, just move about 500 m to reach the Nicolescu-Dorobantu House. The creators of the series moved to this mansion to recreate the ancient and gothic corridors of Nevermore in the sixth episode. Built between 1896 and 1911 imitating the French neogothic style, its stained glass windows were perfect for giving those corridors of the Academy an aura of mystery.

Bucharest Botanical Garden (Grădina Botanică Dimitrie Brândză)

After discovering some of the most popular interiors of the series, we invite you to cross to the other side of the river, in the southwest of the city, to continue enjoying another of the most emblematic settings: the Bucharest Botanical Garden. You won’t find it difficult to imagine Wednesday Addams and the rest of Nevermore’s students receiving lessons on nature in the old greenhouses of this beautiful park.

Although we can’t guarantee you’ll encounter some of these students practicing their powers, you can admire over 10,000 species of local and exotic plants during a relaxing stroll that will help you escape the noise and frenetic pace of the city. For schedules and rates, visit the official website of the Botanical Garden here.

Polytechnic University (Universitatea Politehnica din București)

A few steps from this haven of peace, also in the Cotroceni district, we discover another popular location from the Netflix series: the Polytechnic University. Inside, you can walk through the corridors that pretended to be the Nancy Reagan High School, the center from which Wednesday is expelled to be enrolled in Nevermore Academy after giving her brother’s bullies what they deserved.

The Polytechnic University was founded in 1818 and is classified by the Ministry of Romania as a university of research

Cantacuzino Castle and other locations

We encourage you to continue this cinematic journey beyond Bucharest to discover other iconic settings of Wednesday Addams. Among them, Cantacuzino Castle (Nevermore Academy), Olga Greceanu’s mansion (the abandoned house of the Gates family), Buftea Studios, and many other real locations.

About three hours by car from the Romanian capital rests the enchanting Brasov. In the heart of Romania, this fairy tale city will captivate you with its gothic and renaissance atmosphere and its stunning landscapes. It’s no wonder that many filmmakers have chosen it as the preferred setting for their productions.

In addition to visiting Cantacuzino Castle, Nevermore Academy in the renowned series Wednesday Addams, this tour of Romanian castles will also allow you to visit the popular Bran Castle, which inspired Francis Ford Coppola to film ‘Dracula‘ (1992).

If you’re a lover of the seventh art, you’ll feel right at home in this attractive film destination in the heart of the Carpathians. You can’t travel to Romania without making a stop to visit Nevermore Academy for rare creatures, phenomena, and monsters. The gloomy Cantacuzino Castle, in the town of Busteni, was chosen to recreate the famous boarding school from the Netflix series Wednesday.

Among the Carpathian, this fortress was built in 1911 as a hunting lodge for Prince Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino (twice Minister of Romania). Its appeal not only lies in its interior, currently an art gallery displaying private collections, but also in the sublime beauty of its exterior. A natural landscape drawn by parks and trails that lead to astonishing waterfalls and mysterious caves.

The building was slightly modified using digital effects to turn it into the gloomy Nevermore Academy. Thanks to its characteristic towers and stained-glass windows, you’ll have no trouble imagining Wednesday strolling through its exteriors.

Olga Greceanu’s House (Bâlteni): Garrett Gates’s House in Fiction

Halfway between Brasov and Bucharest, you’ll find another of the most unique sets of this successful fiction: Olga Greceanu’s house, located in Viforâta, Romania. This historical residence that belonged to Olga Greceanu, a prominent Romanian painter, writer, and art historian, was the gloomy home of Garrett Gates, a young man accused of whose death Wednesday’s father is blamed for in the series.

This is a good opportunity for your cinematic journey through Count Dracula’s country to be tinged with artistic and cultural notes, as this mansion, in addition to representing traditional Romanian architecture, has been preserved as a cultural and tourist site.

Therefore, the series production had to go to great lengths to modify the interior of the building to make it appear abandoned. Do you want to see it for yourself?

Other Settings of Wednesday Addams

And for die-hard cinephiles and fans of this macabre teenager, there’s more. Romania is a movie destination, and as such, there are countless locations and sets where various productions have been filmed. If you have more time, we suggest a visit to Buftea Studios, an hour from Bucharest.

Just like in the series, the town of Jericho is a bit secluded from civilization. The production recreated an entire town on a lot in these studios, the largest film complex in all of Romania. In these facilities, other sets were also built for the Netflix series, such as Wednesday and Enid’s dorm room, the Academy’s courtyard, or Joseph Crackstone’s crypt.

Gara Regala (Sinaia): Burlington Station in the Series

And since you’re in Jericho, it’s a good opportunity to visit another cinematic setting: Burlington train station in the series. This is the only location in Jericho that is not a set. Gara Regala is actually a train station in the tourist city of Sinaia (about two hours north of Bucharest).

The first station was built in 1913 and its use was exclusively reserved for the royal family and guests of Peleș Castle. By the way, the castle tour will give you the opportunity to visit this castle, considered one of the most beautiful and opulent in Romania. It was used as a summer residence for the Romanian royal family and remains one of the most beautiful royal palaces in Europe.

Iconic Places of Bucharest

This cinematic adventure comes to an end, but since you’ve traveled to Romania, we encourage you to explore some of the attractions of the monumental city of Bucharest. With a history dating back 500 years, the ‘little Paris of the East’ experienced a period of architectural splendor and cultural renaissance during the 19th century.

One of its most spectacular monuments is the People’s House —the Palace of Parliament—, a legacy of the communist era and the second-largest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon in the USA. You’ll be surprised to discover how avant-garde architecture alternates with the sobriety of imposing concrete apartment blocks from the communist era.

Getting lost in the cobblestone streets of the historic center, Lipscani, is essential to breathe and resonate with the soul of a city sculpted by the weight of history that has managed to adapt to modern times with a cultural, gastronomic, and leisure offer that rivals that of other great European capitals.

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