5 tours to travel to NYC with ‘Friends’!

Explore the city with the places featured on the show.

236 episodes and 10 years on air have left us with many hours of Friends to watch again and again. But what about doing something more than just “watch” the show? What about visiting some of the hotspots of Friends in New York? Although great part of the show was filmed inside sets in LA, these are 5 tours and activities to walk around the Big Apple as if you were just one more member of this iconic gang!

90 Bedford Street, the Friends Building.

45.000 kilometres away from the LA soundstage where Friends was filmed, it stands the building in Manhattan where the gang lived (supposedly) up in the 20th floor.

The building in 90 Bedford Street (at the corner of Grove Street) dates back to 1900 and has 22 one-bedroom apartments. Nothing like the spacious interiors we see on the show. If you pay a visit to this address in Greenwich Village you will be able to spot another difference with the TV series. Yes, this building doesn’t have any balconies. So, don’t worry, you won’t have to see a renter throwing into the street the clothes of her Italian (ex)boyfriend like Rachel did in season one!

Where is the Friends Fountain? 2 Landmarks in Central Park that Confused the Fans!

Unfortunately, the fountain that appears in the opening credits of Friends is actually located at the Warner Bros. Studio outside Los Angeles However, if you are literally on the other coast of the country, in New York, and you still want to dance around a similar fountain to the rhythm of “I’ll be there for you”… we’ve got you covered! We suggest you visit two similar fountains which greatly resemble the one from the show.

Both fountains are located in Central Park, one being in Grand Army Plaza (Pulitzer Fountain) and the other in the Cherry Hill circular plaza (Cherry Hill Fountain). Join the Central Park movie tour we’ve selected bellow and discover this iconic park through the scenes filmed here!

Here you have 5 tours and activities so you can explore these places in the Big Apple and other “Friends locations” like the American Museum of Natural History where Ross used to worked at!

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