friends localizaciones de cine



Let’s go back in time. It’s 1994, the summer has just ended and the US television networks start to air new shows for the upcoming season. It’s Thursday, and the NBC releases the pilot of something called ‘Friends’.

While sitting on your couch, you watch how a group of five friends talks about dates, dreams… and even a recent divorce until a woman enters the café dressed like a bride. (Oh. My. God!)

Maybe you didn’t watch any TV that September 22nd, it’s even possible you weren’t even alive yet in 1994. But if we’d ask you about the name of the coffee shop that scene was set in you’d probably say “Central Perk” without a doubt, don’t you?

You’d even know there was an orange sofa and that one of the employee’s name was Gunther. 

The walls in Monica’s apartment? Yes, they were purple of course. And the fact that Joey and Chandler lived in the apartment next door is already rooted in popular culture. 

236 episodes and 10 years on air have left us with many hours of Friends to watch again and again. But what about doing something more than just “watch” the show? What about visiting some of the actual filming sets of Friends?

It’s not easy, it’s true… but it’s not impossible! Although great part of the show was filmed inside sets in LA, there are some real locations in NY and London and some full-scale recreations in California that you can actually go to!

Grab a coffee, have a seat (on a comfortable sofa, obviously) and explore with us the Friends universe!

*Be warned. Spoilers ahead*