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ITZRURUN BEACH (Zumaia): Dragonstone.

Dragonstone is a stunning and ancient fortress besides the sea property of House Targaryen up until it was usurped by Robert I who then gifted this castle to his brother Stannis Baratheon.  

This breathtaking castle, the early home of her family, is the first thing Daenerys Targaryan sees from her ship in her highly anticipated return to Westeros. A scene full of emotion and key in Daenerys’ journey as a character.

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Seconds later, Daenerys sets foot, finally, on Westeros. And she does so on Ittzurun Beach in Zumaia or, in other words, on Dragonstone beach. Its characteristic Flysch rocks make this beach easily recognizable since the first time it appears on the screen.

However, you will not find the endless staircase leading towards the castle (a digital addition) in Zumaia. They belong to another Vasque location: San Juan de Gaztelugatxe in Bermeo, 100 kilometres away from Zumaia. Both locations were digitally combined, creating an out of this world scenario. 

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