Los Angeles & surrounding area

SKIRBALL CULTURAL CENTER (Los Angeles): Mesa Gold Bar at Delos Complex.

In Westworld we see how some “guests” have a relaxing time on the balcony of the Mesa Gold Bar while visiting the Park. This is a luxurious terrace at the top of the Delos Complex with amazing views of the Park and its desert lands (where all kinds of atrocities are happening).

The Mesa Gold Bar rooftop location was created merging digitally the Skirball Cultural Center building of Los Angeles and the vast landscapes of Dead Horse Point State Park.

Luckily, in real life this Jewish cultural centre is an educational institution that has nothing to do with an obscure amusement park.

WARNER BROS. STUDIOS (Burbank): Christina’s apartment in NY.

In season four, the Westworld universe moves from Los Angeles to New York. This is a change that only happens inside the fiction, because in reality the apartment in the city of a “new” character named Christina (and not Dolores) is recreated in the Hennesy Street set in Warner Bros. Studios in Los Angeles.

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Hennesy Street was redesign in 1984 to fit the needs of the filming production of Annie. And has maintained the same look until today. 

There are plenty of iconic movies and shows that have been filmed in these studios. Some examples are: Casablanca, The Green Mile, Seven, Interstellar, Friends, The Exorcist, La La Land or The Dark Knight Rises.

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TAO RESTAURANT (Los Angeles): Clementine and Musashi fighting scene.

There is an episode in season three where we see Clementine having a drink in an Asian restaurant. So far, there is nothing unusual about it.

And putting aside the fact that Clementine is an android, this is a scene that could happen in real life every night the actual venue where the scene was filmed: TAO Los Angeles. TAO is one of the hottest spot in the city with a signature decoration anchored by a 16 foot Quan Yin statue.

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True enough, the scene gets more “complicated” by the minute until a fight with katanas and guns finally starts. But don’t worry, this kind of violent scenes aren’t something that ever happens at this restaurant in real life (fortunately).

MACARTHUR PARK (Los Angeles): Caleb and Dolores first encounter.

Caleb meets Dolores in season three, and joins her revolution. The origin of this story begins at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles

Located in the East Hollywood district, this park has been designated the 100th City of Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument.

The lake and one of the tunnels inside MacArthur Park where the spots chosen to make these two character meet. Everything happens one night when Dolores is wounded and Caleb founds her alone in the park. .

LOS ANGELES CONVENTION CENTER (Los Angeles): William arrives at Delos for the first time.

Before setting foot for the first time on the messy Westworld Park, William is instructed about its norms in the futuristic facilities of Delos. This is a black and white building where he answers some routine questions regarding his physical and mental health and chooses more suitable clothes for the epoque the Park is set in.

This initial contact William has with “the Westworld experience” was filmed in Los Angeles Convention Center. A multipurpose building located in the heart of the city of Los Angeles whose escalators and halls feature in the dystopian show.

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PLAZA MALL (Hawthorne): Cold storage facilities at Sub-Level 83.

In a remote and hidden area inside the Delos Complex, in the cold storage facilities at Sub-Level 83, there can be found in the series all the “bodies” of the disabled androids.

In order to recreate a place with such a disturbing stillness, the Westworld team moved to an abandoned shopping centre outside of the city of Los Angeles. The chosen filming location was the Hawthorne Place, located in Hawthorne only 20 kilometres away from the city centre.

This shopping centre closed its door at the end of the nineties and since then, various TV shows and movies have turned it into a filming set.

Features such as Lost, Minority Report, Green Lantern and series like Teen Woolf have brought to life its halls over the last decades. Even if it has been only for a few recorded moments.