Eastern Utah

DEAD HORSE POINT (Moab): The Man in Black and the Maze.

The Man in Black, a character who has been visiting the Westworld Park over the last 30 years, stars in the most bloodiest scene from episode one.

If you’ve already watched the series you probably know which scene we are referring to, but if you haven’t we are only going to tell you that it involves a maze, a knives and (of course) tons and tons of blood. 

The only thing “nice” about this scene is its location: Dead Horse Point State Park, in Utah. This state park features one of the most dramatic views over the Colorado River and Canyonland National Park.

On a curious note, it is told that the name’s park ‘Dead Horse Point’ dates back to the 19th century when this spot was used as a natural corral by cowboys.

One day, for unknown reasons, some horses were left unattended here. And without water, the animals died of dehydration with the view of running water just beneath them. A torture of similar proportions to what happened in the series.   

Despite these legends and scenes, we sincerely hope you still want to visit Dead Horse Point because its views are something that are really worth it. In fact, the beauty of this state park also featured in the iconic film Thelma & Louise.

No tortures or morbid theme parks with androids, in the tours and experiences from our ‘Activities’ section you’ll only find spectacular landscapes. 

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