London & surrounding area


CAESAR’S CAMP (Surrey): The royal hunt.

Many production vehicles and tents with House Targaryen banners were spotted at the natural area of Caesar’s Camp, on the outskirts of the county of Surrey.

Finally, in episode three of House of the Dragon we could see the cause of such a stir. This hill near London was the chosen location to hold the royal hunt that King Viserys celebrated in honour of his child’s second birthday.

Caesar’s Camp landscape is actually what remains of a hillfort from the Iron Age and it is only 15 kilometres away from the city of Guilford and 70 kilometres southeast from London.

Surrey Hills area is known for its hiking routs and the beauty that is proper of the English countryside. However, within the House of the Dragon universe the sports that were carried out in this location were a bit more… extreme and bloody.

No trainers needed! Hop on a horse and grab a spear to explore this natural scenery from the show like a true Targaryen. (But don’t kill any deer please, white or brown).