The perfect Christmas tour if you like ‘The Crown’!

Visit Winchester during the holiday season!

Travel to Winchester in England during the holiday season to enjoy its bright lights, Christmas markets and mulled wine. Get into the festive spirit with this walking tour around the city where The Crown was filmed!

Winchester Cathedral. A Gothic Gem to film a Famous Wedding.

July 29th, 1981. The eyes of the entire world were looking at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, watching how Prince Charles and Lady Diana became husband and wife. 

However, in the TV series this scene wasn’t filmed in any London. The crew and actors travelled to Hampshire, southeast from Bristol, to shoot this famous event at Winchester Cathedral.

Royal Events and Jane Austen’s Grave.

This Gothic cathedral dates back to 1093 and has several links with the world of fiction. This the site where writer Jane Austen was buried at and its large dimension makes it a practical filming location to shoot crowded religious events throughout history.

In fact, the royal wedding was not the first time the cameras of The Crown rolled inside these ancient stone walls. In season 3 of the show, Winston Churchill’s funeral was also recreated at Winchester Cathedral. Although this State funeral (an honour usually reserved only for royal members)  did really take place in St. Paul’s Cathedral in 1965.

Mulled Wine and Christmas Lights. The Best Tour to Enjoy the English Holiday Season.

A night walking tour in Winchester awaits you in the button below! Explore on foot all the city highlights with an expert guide and admire the Christmas lights with mulled wine. This The Crown location is even more beautiful during the most magical time of the year!

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