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Thingvellir (Þingvellir) National Park is a UNESCO protected site and it is only 45 kilometres away from Reykjavik. Due to its historical and geological significance is one of the most visited places in Iceland.

Historically, this Park was once home to the first Iceland’s parliament, from 930 to 1798. And from a geological perspective, Thingvellir is situated right where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet. If you visit it, you will be able to, literally, see many visible separation spots.

One of this spots being Almannagjá gorge, near Öxaráfoss waterfall. Its rocky landscape turned into the lands of the Eyrie. This is the rocky landscape that witnessed the journey of Arya Stark and the Hound on their way to the stronghold of House Arryn.

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The Hound’s plans were to give Arya over to her aunt Lysa Tully for ransom money. However, when he and Arya stopped at the Gates of the Moon some unexpected news disrupted his plans… and made Arya burst into laughs. What an iconic pair!

This is also the scenery where Brienne the Tarth recognizes Arya as a member of the Stark family in season four.

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Consequently, a fight between Brienne and The Hound begins (as this is the only way conflict is solved in the GOT universe, who wants to talk when you have a sword, am I right?)

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THORUFOSS (Þórufoss) WATERFALL: Meereen lands.

During the spring and summer seasons Iceland changes the whiteness of its ice and snow for the greenery of its extensive grasslands. Thanks to such a contrast the producers of the show could recreate within this Nordic island the Southern lands of Meereen in Essos.

A scenery that has nothing to do with the permanent area covered in snow of the region beyond the Wall.

Thorufoss (Þórufoss) waterfall, was the designated spot to film a seemingly bucolic scene on the outskirts of Meereen. A boy and his father are grazing a flock of goats when a sudden thunderous roar puts an end to the peace of this scene… and also to the flock of goats.

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The waterfall is near Reykjavik, only 40 minutes away by car from the capital. But be warned, part of the access path is barely a gravel road. 

The waterfall usually freezes in winter. So if you want to see it exactly as it features on the show it would be better to visit this spot during the winter months. Book this GOT adventure to visit all the filming locations featured in the show in Iceland! And beware of the dragons!

KIRKJUFELL MOUNTAIN: Arrowhead mountain.

In season seven, Jon Snow and the other members of the Whight Hunt walked through the lands beyond the Wall looking for “a mountain … shaped like an arrowhead”.

They found their destination when they could distinguish from afar Kirkjufell mountain  its recognizable outline. It won’t cost you as many hardships to find this mountain as the Whight Hunt had to endure. Easy to access, Kirkjufell is located in the Snaefellsnes peninsula, on the west coast of Iceland. Don’t want to worry about finding the access? Join this full-day excursion from Reikiavik!

You will get the most iconic view of this mountain from Kirkjufellsfoss waterfall, with the water running down on the foreground of the picture we already know you’ll take.

Do you imagine being able to take a walk through the lands of Eyrie or go and discover the same waterfall the that Daenerys’ dragons flew over? In the ‘Activities’ section we tell you how you can access these filming spots in Island.