Split and Klis

DIOCLETIAN’S PALACE OF SPLIT: Dragon cellars in Meereen.

Diocletian’s Palace of Split was the chosen spot by Daenerys Targaryen to safeguard her dragons in the city of Meereen. This ancient palace was built between the 3rd and the 4th century and it served as the main residence of the Roman emperor Diocletian when he abdicated.

 It is a huge roman building in the city centre of Split which was historically used as a residence and as a military fortress. Without a doubt, there is no better place to chain three dragons than “the basements” of this robust stone building.

Both the Diocletian Palace and the historic centre of Split are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List from 1979. Split is located in the Croatian coast, 3 hours away from Dubrovnik by car.

KLIS FORTRESS: Walls of Meereen.

Only 10 kilometres away from Split, the Klis Fortress emerges. Its high limestone walls were used in the show as city gates of Meereen in season four.

This striking spot between the Koziak and the Mosor mountains, didn’t need much digital work to turn itself into a place from another world. Just by adding the characteristic pyramid of Meereen to the skyline of the city… ¡voila! you are instantly welcomed to the slaver city of Meereen.

Would you like to pay a visit to the slave city of Meereen walking along the streets of Split and the Klis Fortress? Click on the ‘Activities’ link where we will tell you more about some guided tours to these sceneries.