Southern Utah

CORAL PINK SAND DUNES (Kanab): Westworld Desert.

In season two, Logan, one of the human characters who visits the park, is found naked and tied to a tree in the middle of the desert. He was trying to find the way out of the park but things didn’t turn out well for him.

The dunes in Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in Utah (and close to the border with Nevada) double as the desert in Westworld. Here, the sand has a unique pink-hued colour because of the erosion from the Navajo Sandstone surrounding the park

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This state park is located very near to Las Vegas, only a 3-hour drive, so many of the tours to explore Coral Pink Sand Dunes depart from this city.

The park is a perfect place for camping, hiking… or even sand board!! Click on the ‘Activities’ button to know more about this experience and how you can book it!

GLEN CANYON AND LAKE POWELL AREA: The confines of Westworld.

The limits of Westworld Park are located right on the border of Utah and Arizona.

In episode one of season two, the android Bernard and the park’s security team arrive to a flooded valley. There, they witness a disturbing sight: dozens of “bodies” of other androids have been left behind floating, and no-one knows what could’ve happened.

In real life, these waters are the Lake Powell, the second largest artificial reservoir in the USA. Lake Powell is part of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, which is only a 3-hour drive away from Coral Pink Sand Dunes.

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This striking landscape has featured in other science fiction stories such as the well-known Planet of the Apes.

Lake Powell and Glen Canyon are relatively closed to Las Vegas (four hours driving to the west). So they are an easy addition to your trip if you are staying in this city and want to explore the surrounding area!

If you click on the ‘Activities’ button you’ll find a couple of guided tours to these natural sights so you can make the most of your stay in Las Vegas!

If you want to keep travelling across the North American Desert visiting other Westworld filming locations, we recommend you this near destination. (Please, keep in mind the vast distances in this country):