Plymouth & surrounding area


ST MICHAEL'S MOUNT (Cornwall): The High Tide castle.

Driving two hours to the east from the city of Playmouth, we reach Mount’s Bay and the tidal island and castle of St. Michael’s Mount.

The series transformed this fortress set on an islet as High Tide, the seat of the Sea Snake, Lord Corlys Velaryon. This tour is perfect if you want to visit this and other filming locations located in Cornwall!

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In fifth episode of the series, King Viserys crosses in his carriage the causeway of granite setts that links the islet to the Cornwall coast. With such a magnificent sight it isn’t hard to imagine a couple of dragons flying over this dreamy castle (or any other mythological creature).

As a curious note, the post-production team digitally added an existing Neo-Gothic tower to the St Michael’s Mount castle. A tower from another beautiful castle many kilometres away… located in the Basque Country, Spain. Click here to know more!

High Tide Castle
St Michael's Mount Castle
Butron Castle

Do you want to see with your own eyes St Michael’s Mount and cross its causeway like Viserys himself did? Here’s more information about fees and opening hours to visit High Tide castle!

ST CATHERINE'S TOR (Hartland) : Queen Aemma Arryn’s funeral.

In the first episode of House of the Dragon, we listen once again to a Targaryen woman shouting: ‘Dracarys’. And, in classic Game of Thrones fashion, this command is linked to the early death of a character.

Befitting the occasion according to House Targaryen customs, Rhaenyra orders her dragon to set on fire the funeral pile of her mother Queen Aemma Arryn and her new-born baby brother, who died just a few hours after the fatal birth.

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This sad ending that would change the destiny of Westeros forever was shot in St Catherine’s Tor, a small mountain at the side of a sea dissected valley. It is a rare geological feature located 100 kilometres to the north from Playmouth and that has long been studied by geologists and geographers.

We now can add St Catherine’s Tor to the list of natural landscapes a dragon has been to!

LA PLAYA DE HOLYWELL BAY (Cornwall): Dragonstone beach.

What better place to discuss the difficulties of an arrange marriage than an endless golden beach?

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Rhaenyra and Ser Laenor took a walk at Holywell Bay Beach, in the north of Cornwall. A remote and windy strip of land only 50 kilometres north of St Michael’s Mount or one hour and a half west of Playmouth.

The perfect wild atmosphere to recreate the Dragonstone beach!

KYNANCE COVE (Cornwall): Stepstones war council.

House of the Dragon production team saw the idyllic Kynance Cove and agreed it was the perfect place to set up a war council. 

Hundreds of soldiers and some dragons gathered on these cliffs to decide the future of a chain of islands known as the Stepstones in the show. 

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But in real life this image could not be more far from the truth (and not only because of the dragons). Kynance Cove is a quite place in the southern edge of Cornwall, only 35 kilometres away from St Michael’s Mount and only two hours driving to the west from Plymouth.