Pamplona & surrounding area


Gorges, canyons and a dessert-like view to the south of the Pyrenees mountains turned into the Dothraki sea in the show. A huge plain in Essos. Las Bardenas Reales Natural Park was declared in 2000 a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and it can it is situated a few kilometres away from Tudela.

It is an arid landscape eroded by the force of the water and the wind. A harsh and dry nature perfect to become the homeland of the Dothraki people.  

El Paseo de los Ciervos

Two specific places inside Las Bardenas Reales served as film sets. The first one is located in the area of ‘La Bardena Blanca’ and it is known as El Paso de los Ciervos (something like ‘The Deer Passage’ in English). A series of canyons and gorges on the foot of a clay mountain called “Pisquerra”.

Daenerys walked through this unwelcoming site guarded by hundreds of Dothraki at the beginning of the sixth season. And also a dragon flew over this dry land at the end of that season. 

La Balsa de las Cortinas
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Daenery’s entourage heads towards the khalasar led by Khal Moro, a Dothraki settlement besides a lagoon, which also led us to the second set inside Las Bardenas Reales: La Balsa de las Cortinas. A small oasis of greenery among all of the sand and clay.

Do you imagine yourself driving through the Dothraki Sea on a 4×4? You will find more information about what may be your next adventure in the ‘Activities’ section.