Malibu area

PLAYA SAN JUAN LEIGHTON (Malibu): Teddy declares his love for Dolores.

The Westworld season one finale shows Teddy and Dolores arriving on horseback  at a secluded beach. The sun is setting and classical music fills the scene while Teddy declares his love for Dolores. A true romantic scene.

However, every inch of romance comes to a sudden end when a big flash of light reveals the crowd of clapping spectators who have been watching these two characters all along. As if Teddy and Dolores were playing part in a movie they know nothing about.

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This disturbing scene that seems to be taken straight out of The Truman Show was filmed in a Malibu beach named Playa San Juan Leighton.

A truly unrivalled setting that fits perfectly with the fake beauty that exists inside the Westworld Park. But trust us, the allure and charm of this beach are as real as they get.

PARAMOUNT RANCH (Agoura): Church of Escalante.

In Westworld, Escalante is the name of a buried town in the Unclaimed Territories, a region inside the park. This mysterious location remained underground until Ford ordered to dig it out to place in this old town a brand new narrative.

The scenes that featured the iconic white church of Escalante were filmed in Paramount Ranch, a movie ranch northwest from Los Angeles and only 20 minutes away from Malibu.

However, this construction wasn’t part of the landscape of Paramount Ranch before the Westworld team arrive at this locations. The church was specifically built for the show and now remains one of the many tourist attractions to visit in the ranch.

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