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localizaciones the crown en málaga


HOTEL MÁLAGA PALACIO: A stop in Charles and Diana's Australian tour.

Diana and Charles visited Brisbane for the first time in the 80’s as one of their stops in their official Australian tour. And thousands of people gathered to see Princess Diana in the flesh. 

Forty years later, this mass event was recreated in Málaga. Specifically in the streets surrounding the Hotel Málaga Palacio. This is a famous hotel in the city centre of Málaga with iconic retro looking balconies that can be seen in the TV series full with extras waving Australian flags. 

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Moreover, the scene we’re referring to starts with a shot from the swimming pool located on the roof terrace of this hotel. And if you go up there in your visit to Málaga, you’ll enjoy one of the best views of the city. 

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GRAN HOTEL MIRAMAR: Margaret Thatcher at the Commonwealth Meeting.

Margaret Thatcher stayed (in the show) at the Gran Hotel Miramar in Málaga, a luxury building only metres away from “la Malagueta” (Málaga’s beach).

The Crown chose one of its rooms and big terrace to film the scenes where Thatcher argues with her husband on the phone and goes through her numerous drafts for her speeches at the Commonwealth Meeting in Nassau, The Bahamas.

Gran Hotel Miramar malaga the crown localización

Although the fact that Thatcher was a guest at this hotel is fiction, this 5-star accommodation could very well have been an option for the Prime Minister to stay in a theoretical trip to Málaga. 

From the moment it opened in 1926, Gran Hotel Miramar has been a mandator stop for royal members and European high society visiting the city. Imagine sleeping in the same room these scenes where filmed? Click here and easily book a room at this hotel featured on The Crown!

PALACIO MONTE MIRAMAR: Charles and Diana's visit to the Australian Prime Minister residence.

This palace located in Málaga became in The Crown the oficial residence of the Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke when Charles and Diana visited the country. 

The Palacio Monte Miramar is a place used to welcome many visitors since its vast gardens and beautifully decorated rooms are used nowadays to celebrate all kinds of events. 

LA CONCEPCIÓN BOTANICAL GARDENS: Charles and Diana visit Adelaide.

The botanical garden of La Conception was used in the show to transport Charles and Diana (and the viewers) to Adelaide. An Australian city known for its green areas and outdoor spaces. 

Jardín Botánico-Histórico La Concepción the crown malaga

Located in the northern area of Málaga, this botanical English garden was created in 1855 and it is one of the only European gardens to have sub-tropical plants on its grounds.  

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CASTAÑÓN DE MENA MILITARY RESIDENCE: Diana's photo shoot in Sidney & the ball in Tasmania.

The Military Residence of Castañón de Mena on the outskirts of Málaga (a 20 minute-drive from the city centre) was turned into several locations from Charles and Diana’s Australian tour in season four. 

The scene with Princess Diana being photographed with some swimmers in Sidney was filmed at the residence’s swimming pool. Whereas other area of this complex doubled as a children’s clinic that Diana visited in Australia. Besides, in one of its many entrances the actors playing Diana and Charles were filmed attending a ball in “Tasmania”. 

Castañón de Mena offers so many different filming spots in just one location because it is one of the biggest military residences across Europe.

And nowadays it serves as accommodation and leisure facilities for military personnel and their families.

CORTIJO DE TORRES AUDITORIUM: Prince Charles at the Sydney Opera House.

The Auditorium of Cortijo de Torres became for a couple of minutes (or filming days) the iconic Sydney Opera House in The Crown

This is an open-air facility where up to 12,000 people can gather on the outskirts of Málaga. The city handed over this venue for the TV show to recreate the most famous building in Australia with tons of extras and some post-production work.

If you are able to attend to a concert or any other even at Cortijo de Torres when you visit the city, for a moment you can image yourself as one of those Australian people who listen to the speech of Prince Charles in 1983. 

THE CONFERENCE CENTRE OF TORREMOLINOS: Princess Margaret arrives to the US.

Due to its retro aesthetics, the Conference Centre of Torremolinos was the perfect location to recreate in the show an international airport in the 60’s

In season three, Princess Margaret arrives at a US airport under the watchful eyes of hundreds of fans and onlookers.

This is the beginning of her tour around the country in the show, but in reality the filming location is set on the Mediterranean coast. About 30 kilometres away from the city of Málaga.

PUERTO BANÚS (Marbella): Lady Di and Al-Fayed lavish holidays in the show.

Puerto Banús

The Crown has returned to Málaga to film the fifth season of the show. Lights, camera, action!

In te show, Princess Diana walked along the Puerto Banús marina, near the city of Marbella, Málaga. This location mimicked the French coast in her first holidays after her controversial divorce from Prince Charles.

A high-end filming location for the ulitmate lavish holidays!