Leeds & surrounding area
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LEEDS & BRADFORD: Tommy Shelby's office, the cemetery and the train station.

Did you know that in North-East England you can find the world’s first UNESCO City of film? That’s Bradford, a city only 20km west of Leeds! And of course, Peaky Blinders is one of those shows  filmed in this Victorian location famous for its many film festivals!

The crew find the perfect spot to film the many funerals we see on the show in the impressive Undercliffe Cemetery, established in the 19th century. Bradford City Hall, known as one of the architectural masterpieces of Neo-Gothic, doubled as Tommy Shelby’s offices in Westminster after he was elected a Member of Parliament. And you’ll recognize Cater Street, in the central district of Little Germany, from the violent boxing scenes in Peaky Blinders.

In the Bradford area, in the village of Haworth, you can also visit the most cinematic train station in England: Keighley & Worth Valley Railway! Many train scenes were filmed here but you’re more likely to remember it from the confrontation between Grace and Inspector Campbell.

Lastly, Leeds Town Hall is another multipurpose filming location in the show. It has been an art gallery on screen as well as the place where Tommy Shelby did some of his political work. Join this walking tour around Leeds and follow in the footsteps of Tommy Shelby!