Gabès & surrounding area

HOTEL SIDI IDRISS (Matmata): The Lars homestead interior.

To be able to enter the Lars homestead, one must travel to the east of Tunisia. Our destiny is the Hotel Sidi Driss in the town of Matmata, only one-hour away heading north from Gabès.

This troglodyte structure (with rooms carved into the ground) was the filming set for the scenes inside the Lars homestead, where Luke Skywalker was raised in until the age of nineteen. And if you click on our ‘Accommodation’ button and search ‘Sidi Idriss’ you can quickly book a night in a Star Wars filming location!

If you visit the hotel, you will not only experience first hand how the Berber refugees lived here centuries ago, but also you’ll be able to sit at the same spot where Anakin and Padmé first knew about Shmi abduction in the film Attack of the Clones. Click on the ‘Activities’ button to know further details about this destination!

Fun fact! Inside the hotel bar there are ton of photos and props from the Star Wars filming days so, although this hotel doesn’t offer many comforts, it’s a good idea to visit this location if you’re a fan of the franchise!