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ARDVERIKIE HOUSE (Aberdeenshire): Lady Diana and Thatcher at Balmoral Castle.

Balmoral Castle is, in real life, a residence of the British royal family in Scotland. A remote place where Queen Elizabeth II spent most of her summers surrounded by nature. 

This castle is also famously known for “The Balmoral Test”, some kind of royal initiation that guests are subjected to when visiting the property. An exam we see Lady Diana and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher being judged by in season four of The Crown

The outdoor spaces of Balmoral were filmed at Ardverikie House. A 19th century Scottish baronial house located in the heart of the Highlands, one of the wildest and biggest areas in Scotland. 

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For their part, the scenes set inside Balmoral Castle were filmed in properties closer to London. These being Hedsor House (which also doubled as 10 Downing Street) and Knebworth House in Hertfordshire county, 50 kilometres north of London. 

And if you want to visit the real Balmora Castle this is your lucky year! Because King Charles is opening up the castle for the first time from Saturday 4th May until Sunday 11th August. Visitors will be given unprecedented access to parts of the royal retreat that was known to be Queen Elizabeth II’s favourite place to spend time in!