The journey to Noto from ‘The White Lotus’ & the ‘Indiana Jones’ ruins (from Catania)
noto white lotus locations italy
noto white lotus locations italy

The White Lotus / Indiana Jones


Enjoy this day tour to Noto just like Harper and Daphne did in The White Lotus! Additionally, with this excursion, you’ll also visit the famous island of Ortigia with its 13th-century castle and the Neapolis Archaeological Park, both featured in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny! It’s no wonder that, being a destination chosen by Indy, this Archaeological Park (entry included) is home to some of the most remarkable ruins in Syracuse, including a massive Greek amphitheater that is still used for performances during the summer months and the famous ‘Ear of Dionysius’ cave which appears in the movie!

As we mentioned, another stop on this guided tour is the city of Noto, a gem of Sicilian Baroque declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the destination chosen by Daphne and Harper for their “girls’ getaway.” You can stroll through Piazza del Duomo and the Cathedral of San Nicolò just as they did and discover other key points of its historic center!