London & surrounding area


FOUNTAIN STUDIOS (Wembley): The interior of Ross and Emily's wedding.

Friends travelled across the pond for the first (and only) time to film Ross and Emily’s wedding in the last episodes of season 4. 

Actors and crew left their usual filming studio in Los Angeles to go to London, which didn’t necessarily meant filming everything in real locations.

The interior of the church where Ross said the mortifying phrase: “I, Ross take thee, RACHEL” was filmed at The Fountain Studios in Wembley. Only an hour away from the centre of London

But don’t you think, not even for a second, that everyone involved in Friends travelled thousands of kilometres just to change one studio for another. The group of friends, well at least Joey and Chandler, actually did some sightseeing while in the city.   

It’s London, baby!

LONDON MARRIOTT HOTEL: The hotel in London.

In the show, Ross, Monica, Chandler and Joey stay at the London Marriott Hotel while in the city. A fancy place, to say the least, in central London and very close to Hyde Park. 

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If you have the budget, you too can stay at the same Marriott hotel clicking here! You’ll be very close to the point where Joey and Chandler start their particular London tour. The main entrance is where Joey steps onto a map to figure out where Westminster is. 

So our next stop is Westminster Abbey!

WESTMINSTER ABBEY: Joey's tour first stop.

We sincerely hope you’re more familiar with maps (or Google Maps) than Joey. 

So you can easily go from Hyde Park to Westminster Abbey in half an hour. (This is the time it takes to travel this distance if you don’t get lost like Joey and Chandler probably did).

Once you arrive at this Gothic abbey church building, which is as monumental as a cathedral would be, please don’t be like Chandler and take some photos or videos to remember your trip!

Westmister Abbey is an UNESCO World Heritage Site where coronations and burials of British monarchs take place. 

TOWER OF LONDON: Joey and the Union Jack top hat.

An hour walking from Westminster Abbey, or half an hour using the public transport, it stands the Tower of London.

It is a historic castle on the north bank of the River Thames, founded in 1066. The building, which looks more like a fortress, was used as a prison from 1100 until 1952.

In the year 1988, it was added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites for being one of the best-preserved medieval structures in the world. 

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Besides, this is the spot where another historic event took place: Joey found the accessory “all Londoners wear”. And that is a giant Union Jack top hat. 

Sadly, Chandler wasn’t a fan of the hat and after fighting with Joey because of it, he returned to the hotel alone. 

In case you want to copy Joey’s style, we cannot guarantee that there would be a similar stand in Trinity Place (the square behind the London Tower where the scene was filmed). However, what you’ll find is an amazing view of the Tower and the Tower Bridge. 

TOWER BRIDGE: Chandler and Joey in a double decker tour bus.

When the credits roll at the end of “The One with Ross’ Wedding’ part one episode, we see a scene with Chandler and Joey on a double decker tour bus crossing the iconic Tower Bridge. 

Located within a 10-minute walking distance from the Tower of London, this bridge is another symbol of the city. It was built in the 19th century to connect the two river banks of the River Thames due to the exponential growth of London. 

Being such an icon, the Tower Bridge has obviously appeared in films like MissionImpossible, Trainspotting, Bridget Jones’s Diary or Spider-Man: Far from Home.

HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT: Joey and Sarah Ferguson.

Chandler went straight back to the hotel after the hat incident at the Tower of London. However, Joey (with its hat) went on with his peculiar tour. 

One of the places where he recorded himself being a tourist was the Houses of Parliament (or Palace of Westminster). A spot really close to Westminster Abbey. 

Luckily, Joey had his videocamera with him because it would be difficult to believe otherwise that he was with Sara Ferguson, Duchess of York, right below the Big Ben. 

The building we all know, and the one Joey visit in the show, re-opened in 1876 after a terrible fire had burned down the original medieval structure in 1834. In 1987, the Palace of Westminster was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Whether you’re a fan of Friends or not, this is a mandatory stop if you visit London. What a shame Chandler didn’t get to see it.  

WAPPING HIGH STREET: Monica, Ross and Emily walking to the church.

While Joey tried to film Chandler in front of every famous building in London, Monica, Ross and Emily were on their way to visit the wedding venue. 

The street where Emily (almost) had a panick attack talking about the wedding is Wapping High Street. A quaint cobblestone street along the banks of the Thames. Only 20 minutes away walking from the Tower Bridge. 

Unless you’re stressed about an imminent wedding and your florist has phoned to say there aren’t any tulips, Wapping High Street should be a nice stroll around an area that was known as ‘Sailor Town’ back in the day. This name was due to the large amount of sailors who lived and worked here.

ST. JOHN'S CHURCH: The church of Ross and Emily's wedding.

In the show, Emily, Ross and Monica stare in shock at a church in ruins from Wapping High Street. However, in reality this church is located in a cross street, in the 8th of Scandrett St. 

The church in question is St. John’s Church, the parish church in the district of Wapping. You won’t either find it demolished. Although it is true that during the World War II, the bombs hit the structure and left standing just the tower you can see below. 

So unfortunately, Friends was not completely mistaken when filming this church surrounded by rubble and debris.