The best costumes for Halloween!

To become Wednesday Addams!

A year has passed since ‘Wednesday‘ was released on Netflix and the world went crazy about her! The Addams mania is still alive and while we wait (as patiently as we can) for new episodes… We give you some ideas to have the best Halloween costume this year!

The ‘Wednesday’ Phenomenon: How the Tim Burton’s TV Show gave Romania a Tourism Boost and went Viral on TikTok.

‘Wednesday’, the Tv Show produced and directed by Tim Burton about the charismatic daughter of the scariest and most beloved family in the US, smashed all the records. And not only on the streaming platform! Only in its premiere week, it became the most watched show in English on Netflix, the #WednesdayAddams hashtags reached more than 22 billion views on TikTok and its iconic dance went viral!

The Wednesday phenomenon even gave Romania a tourism boost because people wanted to visit the filming locations from the show! Who wouldn’t want to go to the castle that doubled as The Nevermore Academy or walk through Bucharest following Wednesday?

Live a Wednesday night on Halloween!

Halloween is upon us and we cannot think of a better celebration to come back to the Addams universe! Here you have a couple of costume suggestions to dress up like Wednesday on the scariest night on the year! Her favourite kind of night! Click on the button below and get ready for a terrific night!

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