Visit the Alcazaba of Almeria. Dorne gardens from ‘GOT’
Alcazaba Almería game of thrones location spain

Game of Thrones


You will be able to soak up both Almería’s and Game of Throne’s history when entering this medieval fortress. Its Muslim architecture will take yo to a time when Almería was the capital of a Taifa kingdom.

Discover every corner of the Alcazaba of Almeria, one of the largest in Spain today. You will enter the three internal enclosures that it has, where you will visit the Towers of the Odalisque and the Gunpowder, the Tower of Mirrors, the Wall of the Candle, the Muslim reservoirs and royal baths, and the domestic dwellings, not forgetting the patios and gardens with water pools that it has. And don’t forger to visit the courtyard where Ellaria Sand murdered the prince of Dorne! (A bit troubling reference, we are aware)