THE CITY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES: Delos headquarters in San Francisco.

Among the first images from the season 3 of Westworld we saw a spaceship landing in the City of Arts and Sciences (Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències). And it is clear that the futuristic universe of the show blends perfectly into this characteristic arquitectural complex located in the Mediterranean city of Valencia

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The buildings and structures designed by Santiago Calatrava are used to cultural and scientific purposes. A modern filming locations that Westworld turned into the ‘Delos Inc’ headquarters. The company that finances, creates and runs the various Westworld parks.

Specifically, the filming took place in the Hemisfèric, the exterior of the Science Museum and inside its parking.

The white buildings of the City of Arts and Sciences had already appeared in filmes like Tomorrowland and in one episode of the British TV series Doctor Who

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