Santa Clarita area

MELODY MOVIE RANCH (Santa Clarita): Sweetwater.

In the show, Sweetwater is the small town that first welcomes all the guest who arrive at Westworld Park. Set in a Wild West town, Sweetwater is the most “civilized” place within the confines of this messy theme park.

And what better place to recreate this set in Westworld that an actual filming set? The Westworld team moved to Melody Movie Ranch, a studio located in Santa Clarita, California, very closed to the city of Los

Many westerns have been filmed at this movie ranch. Some of the most recent ones being Once Upon a Time in Hollywood or Django Unchained.

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GOLDEN OAK RANCH (Santa Clarita): Flashbacks of Caleb in the military.

A short 10-minute drive from Melody Movie Ranch is what it took the Westworld filming team to go from a Wild West scenery to a city-like landscape where they recreated a military camp.

Golden Oak Ranch is another huge movie ranch located in Santa Clarita, near Los Angeles (only 30 minutes away from the city). And this was the filming location of the flashbacks from season four where Caleb trains in the military.

This movie ranch is owned by the Walt Disney Studios. In fact, the exact same city square used in Westworld was also used in the Disney+ series WandaVision as the town square of Westview.

VASQUEZ ROCKS (Agua Dulce): Wyatts’ Badlands.

Wyatts’ Bandlands is a dangerous territory inside the Westworld Park. But in reality, this region is a Natural Park in Sierra Pelona in northern Los Angeles County known as Vasquez Rocks.

It is located very close to the town of Agua Dulce and its characteristic rock formations served as a hiding spot to the bandits of the area long time ago. So maybe Westworld actually took its inspiration from the history of this Natural Park.

Vasquez Rocks is no stranger to film and television shoots, for this desert landscape has featured in Friends and Star Trek. In the latter its rocky formations turned into the Vulcan planet. .

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