Mojave Desert

TRONA PINNACLES: The Door into the Valley Beyond.

The Valley Beyond (or the Forge) is a place in Westworld falling both into the categories of a gigantic database and a virtual heaven for androids. Physically, it is a place full of servers storing information that allows the “Hosts” to leave their material bodies behind and access a virtual life away from humans.

The Valley is accessed through the Door. And to recreate this entry into “another world”, Westworld producers travelled to the unusual geological feature of Trona Pinnacles. More than 500 tufa spires rising in the California Desert, roughly a 3-hour drive from Los Angeles

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This unique landscape originated more than 10.000 years ago and it is the only natural structures in many kilometres. This isolated location is precisely the reason why the Trona Pinnacles are crumbling away, exposed to the force of the wind.

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