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VILLA DEL BALBIANELLO (Lenno): Padmé's family home in Naboo.

On the lakeshore of Lake Como, it stands the magnificent Villa del Balbianello. Its inherent beauty is enhanced by its surroundings, located among impressive mountains in the comune of Lenno.

With some digital touches. this 18th century Italian villa turned into the family home of Padmé Amidala in the planet of Naboo in Star Wars

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You too can access this outstanding property by boat as Anakin and Padmé did in Episode II: Attack of the Clones. However, you’ll not get there on a quaint little boat as they do in the movie. It is much more realistic to hop on the ferry in Lenno to Como (and surely much faster too).

Nowadays, Villa del Balbianello and its gardens are owned by a non-profit foundation (FAI) that keeps the property open to the public. So us, mere mortals, are in luck! There’s no need to be Anakin or Padmé to enjoy the same view that they did before kissing for the first time or while marrying each other (moments that happened in two different scenes, obviously)

In our ‘Activities’ section you’ll find a selection of tours to explore Villa del Balbianello in your trip to Italy!

If you’ve watched Casino Royale, you’ll probably recognise this villa from that film too, as this location played the role of an exclusive hospital where James Bond recovered from his encounter with Le Chiffre.