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PEAK DISTRICT (Derbyshire): The War for the Stepstones & the Vale.

Let’s talk about the most northern English location in England and wander into the Peak District, the first National Park in all the United Kingdom. Its territory mainly falls within the county of Derbyshire only 40 kilometres west from the city of Manchester.

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Its vast hillsides, valleys and lakes serve as an oasis of peace in real life however… within the House of the Dragon universe this scenery is not as peaceful (who is surprised?). Eldon Hill was the spot chosen at this Natural Park by the production team to shoot the bloody war for the Stepstones

This limestone hill was digitally transformed into the great cliffs of the pirate islands of Stepstones where Daemon faces the Crab Feeder. But yet another violent scene was filmed at the Peak DistrictRhea Royce’s death at the Vale of Arryn (or should we say murder?).

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The filming of this fateful encounter between Daemon Targaryen and his wife took place in real life at Cave Dale, a valley west of Eldon Hill and near the village of Castleton. If you also want to hike through these beautiful locations, our recommendation is this 3-day tour around Peak District and Yorkshire Dales which departs from the quaint Castleton!

But here’s another option to explore the Peak District if you don’t have that much time! With this 8-hour tour you’ll visit Castleton, the old Monsal Trail viaduct and Peak’s Cavern, a massive natural cave that once was a hideout for robbers and and now is a concert venue! No battle ground in real life!