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DEATH VALLEY NATIONAL PARK (Nevada and California): Arvala-7 and Tatooine.

Not even a huge LED immersive soundstage (The Volume) has managed to put an end to traveling in search for filming locations. 

The team involved in the filming of The Mandalorian also grab the cameras and moved to Death Valley National Park to shoot some outdoor scenes set in the planets of Arvala-7 (in season one) and Tatooine (in season two).

But it is also fair to say that they did not travel too far since Death Valley National Park straddles the Califonia-Nevada border, only 200 kilometres away from Las Vegas

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In these dry lands full of sand dunes, valleys and canyons, Mando meets Kuiil for the first time in the pilot episode. 

If you want to visit this amazing landscape and filming location, prepare yourself to explore the hottest, driest and lowest of all the national parks in the United States! More details about this destination in our ‘Activities’ section. We have spoken.