Granada & surrounding area


LA CALAHORRA (Guadix): The castle in Pentos.

In the Andalusian region of Guadix, the striking Renaissance castle of La Calahorra has opened its doors once again to people carrying swords and wearing armours. It is not some time travel magic, it is journey to another world.

The House of the Dragon team turned both the outside and inside of this reddish fortress into the Castle of Pentos where Daemon and his wife Laena Velaryon stayed at with their kids in episode six. 

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There is a small town at the foot of the castle in real life but it was digitally removed and replaced by the narrow sea. This wasn’t the only digital work done around La Calahorra, since two dragons are constantly flying over it

In fact, the scene where Laena commands her dragon to kill her after she cannot give birth to her child is set outside the stone walls of this Andalusian castle. Dracarys!

Before the dragons, the beautiful courtyard inside La Calahorra had already been a filming location for the video game movie adaptation Assassin’s Creed released in 2016.

Can you imagine admiring this House of the Dragon castle from the sky, like a dragon? With this hot-air balloon ride such magical experience is possible!